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One of the questions I am asked the most from my clients in Colorado Springs is “do you have any landscaping ideas where grass won’t grow?”

You’ve tried everything: watering, fertilizing, seeding, sprinkling. The grass won’t grow!

You may not see grass growing in certain areas of your lawn for a variety of reasons, but don’t worry! You can make that area look better with a little creativity.


For grass to thrive, it needs plenty of sunlight, good soil, as well as adequate water. You may not be watering your lawn enough.

  • The average day for grass is five to six hours of direct sun. Shaded spots on your property or below your trees are not good places for grass growth.
  • Areas with high foot traffic can cause soil to become compacted and inhibit grass growth.
  • Sometimes, the soil beneath the surface is more problematic. A lack of essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous can restrict grass growth. Excessive use of deicing salts on nearby sidewalks could also be a problem.
  • These are the things you can do to make your grass greener.
do you have any landscaping ideas where grass won't grow


It might be impossible to grow grass in certain areas, but you can make up the difference with plants or even a patio.

These landscaping ideas will help you make your yard more beautiful than it is now.

  • To make a patio, cover the area with bricks, cement, or wood.
  • Artificial turf is a good alternative to grass.
  • For a cleaner look, add woodchip mulch, especially in areas that are not grassy under trees.
  • Plant small gardens with shrubs or flowers. Perennials can be a low-maintenance, easy option.
  • You can cover the area with pebbles or rocks.

To learn more about landscaping ideas in Colorado Springs, Contact Rick Vermillion today.