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Rick Vermillion

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rick Vermillion Colorado Springs, Colorado

My Story

Rick Vermillion is a business owner in Colorado Springs, CO with experience managing radio stations and media campaigns. 

Rick graduated from Lincoln University with an associate’s degree in Business in 1994. Rick climbed the ropes throughout his career in the radio business, becoming one of the industry’s most respected new station owners. 

Rick opened his own business in 2000, Vermillion and Associates. They were based out of Kansas City, Missouri. As an advertising agency, their focus was on professional sports teams and sports beverage markets. They also had over 100 promotional models that they provided for the beverage industry. These included Bud Light, Miller Lite, corona, and more. This would prove to be a very useful platform for local business owners to reach their target audience. Rick then sold that company and became a General Manager at KELE in Southern Missouri.

In 2004, Rick put his own investor group together and conceived MPI Media. As CEO they then purchased KUNQ and KBTC, bringing country music, country rock, bluegrass, and rock music to the Ozarks. As host of a morning radio show, Rick arranged the latest news and the favorite music of their listeners.

MPI Media, KBTC-ESPN, and KUNQ Big Country 99 The Rooster Morning Radio Host for over 3,000 shows in the Ozarks. MPI Media promoted and sponsored community events in the Ozarks, particularly the coverage of the area of the radio stations. Our advertisers frequently host live broadcasts.

Today, Rick Vermillion focuses on growing his new business by building customer relationships and word-of-mouth advertising.